Doing this in a booking will get you extra love from me. I love to be stimulated in the right way. Extra fun for both of us! You want me to enjoy it too! I love to have a good play and you want me to enjoy our time. Clarity is KEY.

Neck Kissing
Mutual Golden Showers
Blow Jobs
Clitoral Stimulation
Being Massaged
External Stimulation
Toy Play
Lots of foreplay
Touching my legs and back


I do not offer any the following under any circumstances. Please do not ask me to provide any of the following as harsh refusal may offend you. These are hard limits.
Asking me for the following is a sign of disrespect.

Natural Sex, BBBJ or Creampies
Roman showers or Vomit Fetish
Blood or Blood Play
Going Ass to Pussy
Tongue or French Kissing
Ass to mouth or A2M
Scat or Brown showers
Rimming You
Licking in and around my ears
Unprotected Genital rubbing