Do you live in an area where escorts don’t really visit, or very rarely visit and you want to be able to spoil yourself, treat your self to some sensual and naughty fun with a woman, or maybe you want to try a new experience and want someone to come and indulge in some naughty fantasies? I would love to hear from you.

I can travel anywhere in Australia.

I absolutely love travelling to new places. Whether your on a rural farm or a drill rig in the middle of no where, I can come to you. Lets arrange your perfect experience or getaway. I am flexible with my time to ensure that we have the best possible time together. So no matter where your located, I am happy to come to you!

$1800 6 Hours / $2500 Overnight
$5500 Weekend / $8000 Weekly


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Have you been considering going on a bit of a holiday somewhere? Maybe you are wanting a weekend getaway or a week long trip somewhere. Would you love to have some company while you are on your holiday? Someone you can go out with to dinner, maybe a day at the beach, go to a show or just explore the area? And then have someone you can cuddle with in the evenings while relaxing. Or maybe you want someone you can get a little naughty with while your on holiday? Would like me to plan it for you or give you some ideas on places we could sneak off together.

Lots of holding hands, cuddling up while watching a movie, going to dinner and having intimate chats about anything and everything. Lets explore the local area, check out the sights, go to breakfast or lunch together, and just have the overall girlfriend experience. I call this the social girlfriend package, its all the company
. We both know it’s more fun going on a holiday or weekend getaway with me by your side.

$1800 Per Day / $3500 Weekend / $5000 Weekly

If you want me to join you in bed for some fun. We can add naughty times at an additional cost.



Maybe your looking for some company while you work hard all day out on the farm or station? To have a woman you can come home to after a long day and can just enjoy good company and conversation. Imagine coming home and having me waiting for you to cuddle with, unwind with and just talk and enjoy a hearty meal together. Maybe go for a horse ride together and teach me a bit of how things are done in your fascinating world. I have a strong interest in farming so maybe you want a fun and bubbly woman to come and help you pass the time while you work.

It’s all about good company, great conversation and some good laughs. Just someone to unwind with and cuddle up to after a long day, or even someone to break the silence while your out working. It’s the company of a "Farmers Wife" without any strings.

$1800 Per Day / $3500 Weekend / $5000 Weekly

If you wish to add some sexy time during my stay. This can be an added at an additional cost.

Peyton Sins