+ What are your rates?

My rates can be found on my "services" Page

+ Why do you have seperate rates in Melbourne?

I have very limited availability while I am home due to family obligations. So I price my time accordingly to what I am willing to sacrifice my time for.

+ What services do you provide?

All of my services can be found on my "services" page Including any additional fees associated with that.

+ What policies do you have?

You can find all that information on my Policies Page

+ What should I bring to our appointment?

Yourself and full payment in Cash. Nothing else is necessary.

+ What do you enjoy in a session?

I don't provide anything I don't enjoy but here are some faviroutes of mine.

  • Light Kisses.
  • Touching my back and legs.
  • Direct Clitoral Stimulation.
  • Clitoral toys on me.
  • Playing with my Hair.
  • Sucking Cock.
  • Getting Rimmed.
  • Great Hygeine.
  • Doggy Style.
  • Dirty talking to me.

+ What don't you enjoy in a session?

  • Badmouthing of my Co-Workers.
  • Bad Hygeine.
  • Tongues in or near my ear.
  • Indiscreet behaviour near my Incall.
  • Overstaying your Welcome.
  • Tongue Kissing
  • Trying to get me to enjoy something I have told you I don't enjoy.
  • G-Spot Stimulation.
  • Spreading my ass and pussy super wide.
  • Multiple Orgasms (This doesn't work for me)
  • Attempts at Natural Sex will result in the police being called.
  • Making me feel guilty for not enjoying something.

+ Where can I find your tour dates?

You can find my currently planned tours on my "tour" page. Alterations can be made at any time depending on my plans.

+ Where can I find your Porn?

You can sign up to my OnlyFans for all my XXX 18+ Content.

+ I paid a deposit, Can I get a refund?

No. You have made a financial committment to me by prepaying or paying a deposit. So I cannot offer any refunds. Clemency may be provided.

+ Are your breasts Natural?

Yes. They are 100% natural and are a size 18GG - 16H.

+ What are your Stats?

  • Height: 5.6" / 168cm
  • Breasts: Natural 18GG - 16H
  • Dress Size
  • Hair: Long Red hair
  • Eyes: Grey and I wear Glasses
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Heritage: English, Irish, Nordic, Italian and Iberian

+ Can I buy you a gift?

Absolutely, but gifts and tips are not necessary.

  • Almond Milk Chocolate
  • Red Bull
  • Sephora & Mecca Giftcards
  • Myer Giftcards
  • Guess Bags
  • Shoes in a Size 10
  • Sex Toys

+ What is your SWA Number?


+ Can I book you from my International Number?

Yes. You can contact me via WhatsApp and Telegram. Additional screening will apply for my safety.

+ Do you see clients with Disabilities?

Absolutely. I am also on the referral list for Touching Base. I am happy to speak with carers, family members and friends of those who are enquiring for a person with a disability. I am also happy to come to Facilities such as Aged Care units for clients. I do not charge for Outcall if my Incall is Inaccessible Via Mobility Aids.

+ Would you share my details with a third party?

Absolutely not. Your details are 100% safe with me unless your behaviour warrants a report to the police or similar. If you would like me to be a referral for you to book another sex worker this can be done if you ask me in advance and only if I have seen you more than once for appointments.

+ Do you see couples?

Absolutely yes! I love group sex and bookings with genuine couples. My rate is 1.5x my usual rate for M/F couples and 2.0x the rate for M/M Couples. I can also entertain gangbangs with the appropriate screening. My rate for gangbangs is $500 1 Hour per person and the quoted price is absolutely non negotiable.

+ Are you comfortable with all types of Clients?

I do not discriminate based on Height, Weight, Looks, Abilities, Disabilities, Age, Experience, Race or Cultural background. I judge clients based on how they treat me as a person and how they behave. As long as you treat me like a human being I will happily see you.

+ What hygeine practices should I do before?

I ask that all clients be freshly showered, brushed teeth and wearing a light deoderant around 30 Mins before. I will ask you when was the last time you showered. Be honest! If you will be coming straight after work or during a lunch break to see me I provide body wash, mouth wash and deoderant at my Incall for you to use. Being clean means I can get dirtier with you without having to cringe at the smell of ass and body odour. You do not need to shave your body hair.