Do not ask for discounts or “cheaper rates”.
Be a gentlemen. You will guaranteed the best possible experience.
Do not attend under the influence. I have a no party policy.
Behave appropriately. Do not send nudes or try to engage in dirty talk.
Do not ask me for unprotected services of any kind.

First Contact

I travel and advertise in lots of places. I need you to be clear and concise.
Please Include your Name, City and State in your first message.


Please visit my tour page for the towns I will be visiting.
I am generally available between 10am and 11pm.
I need 30 minutes notice to prepare while I am touring.


I require Cash, Beem it or Cryptocurrency for on the day payment.
Non payment or reversal of any payments will result in police action.


I will sometimes ask for a deposit if I am planning a tour and you want to book in advance.
You will get an extra 20 minutes free if you book 60 minutes or longer. The deposit will be $100.

Osko Payment / PAYID
In person at a bank

Beem it App - Great for instant payment
Internet Transfer
Smart ATM Deposit


No refunds, crediting or rescheduling for cancellations. I can credit it to a future date if appropriate.
Refunds will not be given if you are under the influence or presenting with a communicable illness when you arrive.
If I am unable to attend for my tour for any reason I will give a full refund of the deposit in a timely manner.


I am happy to see clients who are living with disabilities. I am on the referral list for touching base. An organisation specifically catering to the needs of people with disabilities. I also ask that you or your carer are honest about your disability
I am also open to talking to carers or family members who are arranging the appointment. As long as it is a consensual.


I do not engage in “party” bookings of any kind. I am drug, alcohol and smoke free. I do not see clients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol under any circumstances. You can have 1-2 standard drinks during our appointment.