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Manners and respect go a long way. Copy and paste the form above and send it to my email or phone. If you get this right you might get a little bonus.

When I tour I always have an Incall. If you want to book in advance a $100 deposit is required. Same day appointments without a deposit are subject to availability. You will be rewarded with extra free time with me if you pay an advance deposit for a session of 2 hours or longer. I love deposits!

Please note. I do not have a fixed Incall for appointments in Melbourne so I will book a day use or hotel at your most convenient location at no additional charge. First time clients are REQUIRED to pay a $100 deposit and go through screening to verify your legitimacy and if you are an acceptable recipient of my services.

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Please make sure you familiarise yourself with my packages before you book in.
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This is your time to let me know what you want to explore before we meet.
Examples might be Lingrie, Bikini, Active Wear, High Heels, Stockings ect.
If you are booking a Kink session this is especially inportant to be honest here.

Read this for a legendary surprise.

Let's make me scream "Huzzah, A man of Quality" when you send your first message.
I have an inbuilt "idiot" tax. If you can fill the form out below EXACTLY and lock your booking in within 5-10 messages.
You will receive a “small discount” for being a stellar human. Pretty neat right? It's that easy.

Discount Amount (Minimum 1 Hour).
$50 Melbourne / $20 Regional

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Race, Age, Background, Fitness Level and Dick size.
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