Why Do I tour the Outback?

So many times I have been asked, Why go so remote? Why do I go where the populations are smaller and less dense. Firstly. I am personally more comfortable with a more blue collar, hard working clientele. They are who I resonate with the most. I feel more comfortable in country towns because that is how I was brought up.

The main aspect is Safety. I feel way more at home and safe in small towns where the Locals who book me are more concerned about getting caught doing something naughty. So there is a profound level of respect I get from my clients that I simply never got in major cities. I feel comfortable in what I am doing and feel the most at peace with my lifestyle.

I also love going to places others won’t go to.

Clients feel privileged that they get the convenience of seeking a sex worker in the town that they live in. I get to hear peoples stories and learn the history of each town I visit. I have met some of the most amazing people in Remote towns. Some which will be ingrained into my memory for years to come. The experiences I have had touring the outback have been some of the best of my life. I have seen some of the most stunning landscapes and beaches in Australia. All thanks to my work.

I also have an intrinsic desire to bring happiness to the folk in the outback. Some of my clients haven’t been intimately touched in years. The only solstice they get from the hard work on farms and stations is their time with me. No matter how short it is I love bringing comfort to those who might be struggling in their work and personal life outside of the sanctuary of our encounter.

I have witnessed the utter devastation that drought and natural disasters has on the people of Remote towns. I personally have a great sense of pride in bringing joy to those who just need a few moments of intimacy to improve their entire week, month or even year. I feel great about packing my stuff and taking my sexual prowess to some of the most desolate locations in Australia. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I truly love what I am doing.

To those who have made comments that I would “make more money” In major cities. Sure, I probably could. But I find it totally exhausting. I find much more emotional fulfillment doing what I am currently doing. I get to travel Australia and see things people can only dream of from offices.

I couldn’t see myself doing anything else for now.

If you want me to come to your town, We can always arrange a Fly me To You.