Review Policy

After we have spent time together, you may want to write a review about it and I am totally okay with that, to be honest. I even encourage it as I love hearing your feedback on our time together. But just a few small points in regards to writing them or where I prefer you to write them. I highly encourage you to either go to my website or my scarlet blue profile or even write me an email of your review for me to post up on my website for you.

I do prefer you to send a copy to me before posting online, mainly so I can see your feedback whether good or bad so that I know how you felt about our time together. I do ask that when you do write your reviews to be posted online, that you refrain from writing anything too graphic. The reason is that I prefer the reviews to be about our session - Whether you had a good time or not, If i was the lady you were expecting, If I provided you with the service you asked for, if you would like to see me again in the future, things like this as this gives others reading a review a good idea of who I am as a provider and whether I gave you as the client the experience you wanted.

I find that lewd reviews are unnecessary and a bit over the top. I want to know that you had a great time with me and that I gave you a pleasurable experience and love to hear back from you about it. I always want to improve my service and make sure you want to come back again so the feedback and reviews help me to do that. If you would like read my reviews before coming to see me you can find them on my scarlet blue profile as I have a few listed on there that you can check out if that's something that interests you before coming to see me as well.

I am not a fan of the over the top review culture that comes from forums and so I do ask that you keep your reviews to my website or scarlet blue profile. I am happy to send you the links to either so that you can put your comments as you wish on either or even both if you want to. I look forward to seeing you soon and having a good time.