Escort Etiquette

When it comes to contacting an escort it can be a little confusing at times, so let me walk you through the process of organizing some time with me. Because I am touring consistently, when you contact me there are some things that will make the process of organizing something a lot easier, smoother and quicker for you generally.

When you initially text or call me ill require your name, which town or city your located in, Time you are thinking of to come see me and a bit of an idea of the things your looking to get up to. Lastly if your interested in coming to my provided location or if you wish me to travel to you. This helps me to make sure that i can offer you a package that suits your needs, it also helps me to know if I'm currently in your location or traveling there soon so i can give you availability.

From there we can then arrange a suitable time and place to meet up and have some fun together. For advance bookings and tours I do generally ask for deposits, if i ask that you organize a deposit its a good idea to organize it as soon as possible so your appointment can be confirmed quickly. All my deposit options are discreet for you.

So you have contacted me how i require, we have planned a time for me to see you, we have confirmed our appointment, so what happens next you ask? So if you are coming to my location its really important you follow my instructions. So if i tell you to call me from the car to find out my room details i expect you to contact me from the car and i will give you directions that you need to follow to get to my room the purpose of this is for your discretion as well as my own, as i am a very discreet worker and i prefer to continue to be one.

It is also important as it maintains your discretion, If i am staying in a hotel, i will generally ask that you don't hang around reception when calling me as this is very indiscreet and you risk hotel staff asking you questions so i do ask that you call from your car or from outside somewhere so that i can give the directions from there. Please note I do not provide Incalls in Victoria.

So you have followed my instructions and we are finally meeting,  its a good idea to get business out of the way, and i suggest that you have the balance/my fee in an envelope if possible, if not please just place the payment on the desk/table just for discretion.
I will then ask that you jump in the shower to freshen up, even if you shower before you arrived, i will generally ask you to jump in.

When you have a shower its really important that you use the body wash i have provided for you. I will always provide  unscented body wash so make sure you use it, wash all your bits thoroughly, get into all the crevices. I am always really freshly washed for you and i wish for you to be the same, it makes being intimate together so much nicer for us both. If you need body spray and to brush your teeth I will have things available in the bathroom for you to make use of so feel free to use as needed. It helps you to be ready and relaxed for us
to have fun together. And lastly make sure you completely dry off before coming out of the bathroom.

So you come out of the bedroom and the fun can begin, have some naughty fun together and enjoy each others company. If you can follow my requirements for a booking, It will ensure that when we actually meet we will have a mind blowing time together. It helps to make sure you dont miss out on seeing me, and i will always look forward to seeing you if you can do the above things.