Over the next 12 months, I plan to visit a number of different places and there are a few that I am really looking forward to coming to. I have my eye on a few towns that I think I could really enjoy visiting. I am always interested in discovering various towns I can come to preferably on a regular basis as I want to have a few towns that I go to all the time. The main ones I am currently going to focus on are Dubbo, Bathurst, Parkes, Forbes, Cowra, Merimbula, Wollongong and Griffith. I will be cycling through these consistently until mid-2019.

While some of them may seem like random choices for me to choose but something I have discovered about touring around the regional areas is that sometimes its great to go to places others don’t always go to. It gives me a great opportunity to give you some quality time with me and give me a chance to focus on you, your needs and showing you a pleasurable time. And it also means we can develop a rapport that over time can turn into something semi-regular.

There are so many great towns around the east coast of Australia and so many great places to choose from to come to visit, but at the moment I have chosen a handful that I think would be good to visit. Because I offer such a great range of fun things we can get up to together, we can really have a good time together.

I have discovered that I like the company of countrymen and I would love to make that my focus for the future when it comes to touring, and in the next couple of months, I am actually planning to relocate to a country town in new south wales to make visiting these places much more accessible. I would be looking in the Riverina area. Somewhere between Wagga Wagga and Griffith. Ideally, I would like to settle down in Ardlethan, Leeton or Coolamon.

Are you interested in either visiting me in the towns I have mentioned or want me to drop into your town along the way? Make sure to sign up to my Newsletter. Follow me on twitter for frequent updates as I send out newsletters only once every 1-2 weeks. It’s a great way of tracking me as I drive through different towns. Who knows? I may even stop in a town just for you.

I have come to love touring country NSW and have found it to be a fun and enjoyable experience which I hope to continue to enjoy and I like the idea of visiting a couple of coastal towns as well as farming communities. I am learning a lot about the country and the men are a lot of fun. To those suffering from the drought. Inquire within about my special “Drought Relief” prices.

Love, Peyton Sins